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Free delivery on all orders over £25 (Excludes Gift Boxes)

Free delivery on all orders over £25 (Excludes Gift Boxes)

Birthday Balloons

Birthday Balloons

Regular price £25.00

Say 'Happy Birthday' and give life-changing support to people living with cancer. Choose how much you'd like to donate and we'll send a personalised thank you card with your message to your loved one. 


Here's how to order:

1. Choose how much you want to donate by selecting a price above. The cost of the card is £2.55, the rest is a donation.

 2. Personalise your card by clicking ‘Personalise’. A popup window will appear, click 'Edit' to make your changes, and as you go through you'll see your changes appear in the card. This is exactly how it will look when it gets printed. You can edit your name, add a personal message, and add the amount you donated.

Once you've finished editing, click 'Save'. The window will close and you can add the product to your basket. You can check or edit the product again in the basket if you'd like to make more changes. 

 3. We will deliver your card with an extra unsealed envelope ready for you to add an extra personal touch if you wish.

To get your card delivered directly to the recipient, enter a their delivery address when prompted in the checkout. But, please be aware that everything in your order will go to this address.

To order multiple cards delivered directly to different recipients, please order them one at a time entering the right delivery address in the checkout for each card.