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🚚 Free Delivery on all orders over £40

Spacemask single
Spacemask single

Spacemask single

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Spacemasks are the game-changing eye masks designed to help you drift off. Quite different from an aeroplane eye mask, these jasmine scented masks heat up on contact with air and block out light for a peaceful night’s sleep or an afternoon nap. Working to ease tension and encourage circulation, these masks aid in calming you down and relaxing your mind. Spacemasks can help alleviate strain on the eyes caused by excessive screen use, stress and headaches.

  • 1 mask
  • The mask itself only heats up once, the first time it is taken out of pouch, however it can be used over and over again as an eye mask
  • The mask is virtually entirely made from naturally occurring materials - cotton for the fabric of the mask and the iron powder inside and jasmine scent are natural. There is a little nylon in the ear loops to make them elasticated.
  • Vegan
  • See our Letterbox gifts for more ways to send a spacemask Letterbox Gifts

100% of the profits from this product goes towards helping us provide physical, financial and emotional support to people with Cancer, allowing them to live life as fully as they can.


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All profits help us to provide physical, emotional and financial support.
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